Frequently asked questions

Can I book flights now and pay for them later?
Yes, for such cases, our website has a special service "flight booking Extension". Create an order for the flight you are interested in and extend the time for paying for air tickets. You will have time to make a purchase decision.
    How can I pay for air tickets on Your website?
    On the Sky Express website, you can pay for your order in various ways: VISA, MasterCard, MIR Bank cards. Cash in the offices of the company "Euroset". Electronic money Qiwi, Yandex.Money, WebMoney. Alfa-click. In installments. For more information about how to pay for air tickets, see the section "paying for air tickets"
    What should I do if I didn't pay for my Order within the time period specified during the booking?
    The time before which you can pay for air tickets is indicated in Your order. If you do not have time to make a payment on time, then after this time Your reservation is canceled automatically by the system and cannot be restored. In this case, you must make a new order.
    What is CVC (CVV), and where can I find it when paying for a flight with a plastic card?
    CVC (CVV) is short for Card Verification Value (Card Validation Code). This is a number printed on the card that confirms that the payer physically owns the card. The introduction of CVC (CVV) was necessary to reduce buyer risks. On the cards of the most popular payment systems, the SMS is located on the customer's signature strip and consists of 3 digits. You can also see either the full card number or the last 4 digits of the card number next to it.
    What should I do if I have problems paying with a Bank card?
    Payment by Bank card may not take place for the following reasons:

    • you don't have the required amount on your Bank card;
    • your card type does not support online payment;
    • incorrect card information (card number or expiration date, or CVV/CVC codes);

    Payment may also fail due to a limit set by your Bank on the amount of daily payments. To resolve these issues, you can contact your Bank's specialists.
    What should I do if I don't receive the ticket to my e-mail after payment?
    Contact customer support at +7 (495) 797-47-97. Tell our operator your order or reservation number and your email address. We will resend your ticket as soon as possible.
    What gives you the choice of only direct flights?
    Of course, everyone wants to fly to their destination airport quickly and without a stopover, and if you check the "direct flights Only" option in the flight selection filter, then this is exactly what the system will show you. But keep in mind that if the airlines that you specify only operate connecting flights, You will see an empty list. In this case, it is better to remove the "direct flights Only" check box.
    Sometimes the option with connecting flights may be cheaper than a direct flight, and if you need to save money, we advise you not to tick this box, and thus view all possible offers.
    What information do I need to book a ticket?
    To book air tickets you just need to know:

    1. Passenger's full name;
    2. ID card series and number (for children, birth certificate number);
    3. The email address to which the ticket will be sent to You;
    4. Mobile phone number for notification in case of flight departure time delay.
      I'm going to fly with my family and friends. Can I buy tickets for several people at the same time?
      Yes, you can order tickets for several passengers at the same time – up to 6 passengers in one order, including children. At the first booking step, just specify how many adults and how many children will fly. But keep in mind that the system will offer you the fares of the group in which you need the number of available seats – all flights in one order belong to the same fare group. I.e. if only 3 seats are available at a cheaper fare, the system will give You all 6 seats at a more expensive fare. For more information, see the section "how to book a ticket".
      What should I do if I bought a ticket, but found that my passport is expiring?
      To change the passport number in the ticket, you need to apply for an exchange on the website and attach scans of your old and new passports. The Agency's Service fee must be paid for each ticket exchange operation. In some cases, airlines charge an additional fee for reissuing tickets.
      What should I do if I make an error in my passport information or full name when booking?
      Airlines allow some typos when writing the passenger's last name, first name, or patronymic, if the meaning does not change much. However, if you can fix the error, we recommend that you do so.
      - If you notice a typo before paying for the order, just make a new order and carefully enter the passenger's details. Unpaid order will be cancelled automatically by the system.
      - If you see an error after payment and receipt of the itinerary receipt, then fill out an application on the website to exchange the ticket, specifying in the note what you need to correct in the ticket. Our operator will contact You and inform you of the result. You will need to pay the Agency's Service fee for ticket exchange.
      Do you have to leave your contact information when booking?
      When booking a ticket on the site, be sure to fill in the contact information fields, accurately indicating your email address and phone number. It is to the specified e-mail Address that you will receive the itinerary receipt after payment, which is a confirmation of the purchase of an electronic ticket.
      If you do not enter your contact information correctly, our operator will not be able to contact You in the event of a flight transfer or cancellation.
      We guarantee the confidentiality of your contact personal data and undertake not to transfer it to third parties.
      What documents can I use to book flights over the Internet?
      Issue tickets via the Internet on the website you can use the following documents:

      • passport of a Russian citizen (for domestic flights)
      • passport of the Russian Federation (for flights abroad)
      • national passport of a foreign citizen,
      • birth certificate (for children of Russian citizens under 14 years of age)
      • temporary identity card of a Russian citizen
      • military ticket of a serviceman of the Russian army.

      In the order, you must specify:

      • the passenger's full name, as it is written in the document;
      • date of birth;
      • the series and number of the document, and the validity period for a foreign passport is additionally specified;
      Can I reissue my ticket for another passenger?
      Airline rules do not allow reissuing a ticket for another passenger. In this case, you will need to refund the ticket and purchase a new one for another passenger.
      How do I return my ticket?
      Refund for unused e-tickets issued on the website, can only be done in our Agency. To do this, do the following:

      1. Determine the type of refund. The type of ticket refund depends on the reason why you decided to refuse air transportation (voluntarily or involuntarily).
      2. In the order that is subject to refund, click the red button "ticket Refund".
      3. In the window that opens, select the passengers and flights that you want to cancel, and fill in all the appropriate fields for your case. If the seats were reserved in advance and/or you have documents with airline/ticket office marks, attach scanned copies of these documents.
      4. Wait for the refund status to change to "Payment completed", which means that the request has been processed by our operators.
      5. Wait for the refund amount to appear on the order page (we try to make the payment within 24 hours, but sometimes the operation takes much longer due to the need to contact the airline).
      6. Get money in the same way as the ticket was paid for.
      How do I get paid for a returned ticket?
      The refund method depends on how You paid for it. If the ticket was paid by Bank card, the refund is made only to the personal account or Bank card from which the payment was made.
      If you paid in cash at the Euroset office, the refund is only possible in cash at any Euroset office.
      What are the penalties for returning air tickets?
      For voluntary refunds, the following fees are withheld and/or additionally charged:

      • Agency fee paid when ordering a ticket;
      • fee-taxi company fee (185 rubles for each flight segment);
      • Service fee for a refund (1800 rubles);
      • The cost of the used flight segment (or segments), if the carriage was partially performed. Please note that a partial refund is often calculated not as half of the ticket price, but as the difference from the full one-way fare»;
      • airline refund fees, if applicable, under the terms of the fare application.

      In case of a forced refund, the following fees are withheld and/or additionally charged:

      • Agency fee paid when ordering a ticket;
      • the cost of the used flight segment (or segments), if the carriage was partially performed.
      How do I return air tickets if my visa is refused?
      When a visa is refused, a forced refund is usually issued. However, it all depends on the airline's rules for a specific fare. If you are not sure about getting a visa, please read the ticket refund conditions carefully when purchasing a ticket. In this case, we recommend that you purchase a ticket at a fare with less stringent refund rules. You can also book an air ticket on our website and extend the reservation up to 6 days, which will allow you to provide information about the reservation to the Consulate for visa application. For more information, see the section "flight booking Extension»
      How can I bring skis, snowboards, or, for example, a Bicycle?
      There are no special rules for transporting ski equipment in Russian legislation. Therefore, some airlines transport skis and snowboards according to the rules of oversized or non-standard baggage. But many carriers set their own rules for carrying such equipment, so it is better to read the rules of your chosen airline directly.
      Remember that during the ski season, many airlines publish discounted fares and special promotions for skiers and snowboarders. Also, when booking flights on the site you can choose an additional service for transporting sports equipment. For more information, see the section "Additional services".
      What is an e-ticket?
      E-ticket is a modern form of airline ticket, introduced instead of the traditional paper form. Electronic ticket registration is a new technology of transportation sales that corresponds to the current level of information technology development. Technology that provided carriers with new marketing tools, and passengers with the ability to independently select routes, flights and fares when purchasing a ticket over the Internet.

      The procedure for booking transportation is carried out as standard, but the flight information reflected in the ticket is no longer printed on a paper form, as before, but is stored in a special database of the airline in electronic form.

      Just like a regular air ticket, an e-ticket is a document certifying the contract of air carriage between the passenger and the airline.

      Confirmation of the purchase of an electronic ticket is a route receipt, which the passenger receives by email and can print out on an A4 sheet at any time. The itinerary receipt contains all the details Of your flight: route, flight number, date and time of departure, passengers, etc.

      The e-ticket can be returned in case of refusal of transportation or exchanged according to the same rules as a paper ticket.
      What is a route receipt?
      The e-ticket you purchased is securely stored in the airline's databases, and you get a route receipt on your hands. This is a kind of statement with the data of Your e-ticket in A4 format. The itinerary receipt contains all the information about Your flight, which is contained in a regular paper ticket. The purchase of an e-ticket ends with the receipt of the itinerary receipt to Your email address. You need to print it out and take it with you on your trip. Representatives of the security service at the airport can request a route receipt from you. When arriving in another country, the itinerary receipt may be required as confirmation of the return flight to the migration services. If You are on a business trip, you will need to attach the itinerary receipt with the original boarding pass to the accounting report.
      Do I need to take a route receipt to the airport?
      Theoretically, it is not necessary to take a route receipt to the airport, because all the data of your flight is already entered in the electronic database of the airline. In practice, we recommend that you take the printed itinerary receipt with you. Some airlines may ask for an itinerary receipt at check-in, and you may be required to present it by airport security representatives. When arriving in another country, the itinerary receipt may be required as confirmation of the return flight to the migration services. If You are on a business trip, you will need to attach the itinerary receipt with the original boarding pass to the accounting report.

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