Refundable tickets

Service "Make it refundable!" this option is selected in the ticket booking dialog before the order is paid.
According to our statistics, more than 95% of all tickets issued online are non-refundable under the terms of airlines. By purchasing this ticket, worried all the time - if it doesn't work to fly, a pet dog gets sick, or worse - will not leave. What about the tickets? And if you just changed your plans and instead of Sochi, you need to fly to Voronezh?
In we thought about it. And we are ready to offer our customers a solution - when buying air tickets, just add the service " Make it refundable!". The cost of the service is 10% of the price of transportation and guarantees you a refund of 90% of the cost of air tickets, even if they are not fully refundable.
At the checkout stage, you can add this service. The cost of the service is indicated for each passenger.
1. the "Make refund" Service is a marketing campaign of an Agency that provides a service for issuing air tickets;
2. Term of the service offer on the site from 21.02.2020 to 31.12.2020.
3. The term of service will be interrupted for 48 hours prior to the departure date of the purchased order date can be any date;
4. The service is optional and shall only be issued simultaneously with the issuance of a ticket.
5. the Service applies to any airline tickets issued for domestic or international flights, regular or Charter flights.
6. payment for the service is made using the same form of payment as the ticket.
7. The service is "consumed" in cases where:
- the ticket presented for refund was partially used;
- the ticket refund request was sent less than 48 hours before the departure of the first flight specified in the ticket, and the flight check-in was not completed;
- the ticket presented for refund that was previously purchased at the Agency was exchanged for a new ticket at a third-party organization.
8. activation of the service is of a request nature. The customer has the right to use or not use the service at its own discretion.
9. the cost of the ticket accepted for refund is Calculated in accordance with the airline's rules. The refund for the returned ticket is made using the same payment method as when purchasing the ticket. The difference between the guaranteed refund amount according to the "Make refundable" service and the refund amount calculated in accordance with the airline's rules, is compensated in the form of a discount on the subsequent purchase of tickets on the Agency's website. A promo code is provided for the discount amount, which is stored in the Customer's Personal account.
10. the period of use of the promo code received as part of the promotion: 1 year from the date of receipt of the code.

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