Refund of air tickets

How do I return my ticket?

Refund for unused e-tickets issued on the website, can only be done in our Agency. To do this, do the following:
1. Determine the type of refund. The type of ticket refund depends on the reason why you decided to refuse air transportation (voluntarily or involuntarily).
2. in the order that is subject to refund, click the red button "ticket Refund".
3. in the window that opens, select the passengers and flights that you want to cancel, and fill in all the appropriate fields for your case. If the seats were reserved in advance and/or you have documents with airline/ticket office marks, attach scanned copies of these documents.
4. Wait for the refund status to change to "Payment completed", which means that the request has been processed by our operators.
5. Wait for the refund amount to appear on the order page (we try to make the payment within 24 hours, but sometimes the operation takes much longer due to the need to contact the airline).
6. Receive funds in the same way as the ticket was paid for.
If you are not comfortable returning your ticket using the method described above, you can use the feedback form to send the completed refund notification and the required documents according to the type of refund.

Notice for refund

Regardless of the method of sending the request, a refund for unused air transportation is made only in the way that the ticket was paid for — to the same plastic card, to the same account in Yandex payment systems.Money or WebMoney, or an account in Alfa-Bank, to the same QIWI Wallet or in cash in the Euroset salon.
Attention! The support service for exchange and refund requests is open from 09: 00 to 17: 45 Moscow time. (from Monday to Friday).
If you have an urgent request, we recommend contacting the airline.

Deductions and penalties

Please understand that due to the specifics of the request processing process and the refund operation, the refund amount will be calculated at the time the request is processed, and not at the time it is submitted. Therefore, please, in order to avoid additional costs, do not delay the submission of documents and do not postpone this procedure until the last moment.

Depending on the type of refund, certain fees will be deducted and additionally charged for each ticket that is returned. The amount of deductions depends only on the type of refund, but the amount of fees for returning the airline — often on how much time is left before the departure of the aircraft. The "sign periods" are usually 3 days, 24 hours, 12 hours, and 3 hours before departure, but may differ for different airlines.
For voluntary refunds, the following fees are withheld and/or additionally charged:

  • Agency fee paid when ordering a ticket;
  • fee-TCH fee (185 rubles for each flight segment);
  • Agency fee for refund (1800 rubles);
  • the cost of the used flight segment (or segments), if the carriage was partially performed. Please note that a partial refund is often calculated not as half of the ticket price, but as the difference from the full one-way fare»;
  • airline refund fees, if applicable, under the terms of the fare application.

Whichever airline you choose, when purchasing a ticket, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the fare, including the rules for its refund — when purchasing a ticket to this information is available starting from the 2nd booking step, as well as on the order page.

If you have any questions while studying them, please contact our support service operators using the feedback form or call +7 (495) 797-4-797 in Moscow. Sometimes the airline's deductions for voluntary refunds are quite high, up to a completely non-refundable fare, so we recommend that passengers carefully weigh and evaluate the possibility of departure before sending a request, since the "refund" operation cannot be canceled.
In case of a forced refund, the following fees are withheld and/or additionally charged:

  • Agency fee paid when ordering a ticket;
  • the cost of the used flight segment (or segments), if the carriage was partially performed.

In most cases, the reservation system calculates the amount returned to the passenger automatically — there is no possibility to make a mistake in the amount or rules. However, if you have any doubts about the correctness of our calculations or interpretation of the rules, please contact our support Service. Operators will be able to advise you on the procedure and General rules of return at any time and in any convenient form.

Relevant documents

In case of a forced refund, the following additional services are provided:

  • Itinerary-a receipt with a note about the flight cancellation/delay, sick leave, death certificates, kinship documents and other supporting documents-depending on the reason for the forced return.
  • You do not need to provide any other documents (copies of the itinerary receipt without any marks, copies of all passport pages, card or account numbers in payment systems, information about cardholders or payers, etc.).

If we have any questions or need additional information from you while processing a refund request and the attached documents, the support service operators will contact you to clarify all the details. In some cases, you may need a free-form application from the passenger describing the situation in order to submit a request to the airline or provide the original documents requested by the airline.

We try to consider all the circumstances and specifics of your situation and in each case, primarily seek to protect the interests of the passenger, the omission or refusal to provide required documents will be grounds for denial of ticket return.

Deadlines for processing notifications and refunds

A refund request is considered within 3 hours of receiving it from the passenger, so we strongly recommend that you do not delay sending it.
Usually a refund is issued within 24 hours, but sometimes the operation takes much longer due to the need to contact the airline for additional explanations of not always unambiguous rules or to obtain permission to conduct a forced refund. Compliance with the full claim procedure and waiting for an official response from the airline on average takes about 2 weeks, but in some cases it may take 1-2 months. Contacting the airline directly to passengers can sometimes speed things up, but in most cases you still need to wait for an official response.
After processing the request and calculating the amount to be refunded, the funds in the specified amount will be transferred by the processing center on the next banking day and returned to you within 1 to 30 business days, depending on the selected payment method:

  • Refund to a plastic card: from 3 to 30 days (depends on the issuing Bank).
  • Return to the account in the system Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI Wallet, Alfa-Click: from 1 to 10 business days (depends on the speed of processing the request by the operators of these payment systems).
  • Refund in cash at any of "Euroset/Svyaznom " on the territory of Russia (including the one where the ticket was paid for): you can contact the communication salon immediately after receiving the payment from us. In any case, our specialists will make a request for confirmation of the operation to our Agency, and if the necessary amount is not available at the checkout, they will order it.

Differences between the voluntary and forced types of refunds

If the refund is initiated by the passenger and for a reason that cannot be justified by the airline, the refund will be considered voluntary. The most common reasons for voluntary refunds are:

  • an error in the date, personal data of the passenger, etc., committed by them independently when purchasing a ticket on the website;
  • postponing the date of the trip (business trip);
  • change of plans (just changed my mind; decided to take the train);
  • personal circumstances that interfere with the trip (exam; quarrel with your spouse; illness or funeral of a distant relative).

In this case, you do not need to specify the reason, just specify the "voluntary"refund type in your request.
In case of flight cancellation for reasons beyond the passenger's control, the refund is usually made on the terms of the forced flight without additional fees and penalties of the airline. Depending on the carrier this may be one of the following reasons:

  • flight delay (the time considered a delay is set by the airline);
  • flight cancellation or rescheduling;
  • change of the air carrier's transportation route;
  • no seats on the flight;
  • failure to provide passenger service in the class indicated on the ticket;
  • failure of the carrier to provide connecting flights in the case of a single carriage (i.e. one ticket);
  • delay during airport inspection (if no prohibited substances or items were found and a relevant certificate was issued);
  • termination of the air carriage agreement at the carrier's initiative (except in cases of violation of the rules of conduct on Board the aircraft by the passenger);
  • death of a passenger or their next of kin, including their spouses, children (including foster children) and parents (unless otherwise specified in the fare rules);
  • illness of a passenger or a member of their family who is traveling with them on the flight (individual airlines recognize the valid reason, and the procedure requires the mandatory provision of supporting documents in the strictest form);
  • visa refusal (only individual airlines are recognized as a valid reason and only if the original of the official refusal is provided on the form of the Embassy / Consulate with a notarized translation).

If you are not sure whether your case fits the rules of forced refund, we recommend that you contact the carrier in advance and clarify what you should do. In any non-standard or ambiguous situation, we will send an official request to the airline, and if they refuse to recognize the refund as forced, time may be lost for a voluntary refund.

5 important refund rules

  1. We can do refund only the unused sections of the carriage. For example, if you have already registered for a flight (at the airport, online or via mobile check-in), but did not fly, you must cancel the registration and get confirmation from the airline representative that the corresponding "non-use" status of the ticket is in the reservation system. Otherwise, we will not even be able to initiate the refund procedure.
  2. If the refund was made by you at another Agency or directly at the airport, please ask the cashier not only to put a mark on the itinerary receipt for the refund of seats, but also to make sure that the reservation system has the appropriate status of "non-use" of the ticket. Otherwise, the refund will be made by us upon receipt of a request from the passenger, which may entail additional penalties.
  3. A Request for cancellation of air transportation and refund of funds may be accepted for consideration only from the passenger for whom the returned ticket was issued, or from a person authorized by the passenger. In the latter case, you should contact a notary to draw up an official power of attorney.
  4. Sending a request to refuse air transportation automatically means that you agree to the terms and conditions of return and is a signal for us to return seats to the reservation system. If after sending a request you suddenly change your mind about returning the ticket, we will not be able to do anything.
  5. A Request is considered accepted only if you have received confirmation of its receipt from the support service. Depending on the method of sending the request, this confirmation is either a change in the return status to "Accepted", or an email from the support operator. If you have not received a confirmation from us after 3 hours, please contact the operators — your request may not have reached us.

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